Have you already registered, and are now interested in nominating an organization and presenting on their behalf at an upcoming meeting?  Fill out this form to let us know. We’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen so you can come prepared to talk about the organization and why it deserves support.

If you have not registered for 100 Kids North Grenville, please click here to fill out the online registration form.

Here’s what you need to know if you are selected to present your favourite charity at a meeting: 

  • Speeches must be 2-3 minutes long. 
  • Speeches can be in English or French (or both), and must be emailed to 48 hours before the meeting to aid in translation services. 
  • If you are presenting at an event, we ask that you are on site 15-30 minutes before the start of the meeting to prepare yourself for your presentation. 
  • Though you could choose to use a visual aid, such as a presentation board or flip chart, we are not set-up to display multimedia presentations (e.g., Powerpoint). The best visual aid is a well-prepared presentation and a big smile!